Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brain Toys

Brain Toys are used to help develop higher order thinking skills.  Plus, they are fun!  (You know that time after lunch when everyone could use a snooze?  Brain Toys liven things up for sure!)  Who wouldn't want to use Two-Finger All Terrain Action Figures?  Or Air Whiteboards?  The fun just keeps on coming with Whole Brain Teaching's Brain Toys!

This past year I used the Air Whiteboard, Sockless Hand Puppets, and the Because Clapper.  I was rather haphazard though in my use of Brain Toys.  This year I will have a specific plan to roll out different Brain Toys.  Since, as Chris Biffle says, it is a LLLOOONNNGGG year, I want to introduce one Brain Toy per month.   I will do this and keep building on the number of Brain Toys we can use.  I want to start very early in the year having my kids use higher order thinking skills and this is a good way to do it.  If I put it in my plans, it will happen so that is what I will do.  It is great to see the kids evolve in their thinking abilities!

How do I know what to do?  I learned about them on the Whole Brain Teaching web site at www.whole  So, check out the web site and watch the webinars on Brain Toys Part 1 and Brain Toys Part 2.  You will be glad you did!
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  1. Brain Toys are great for adding spice to lessons. You are right that it is a long year so adding your toys gradually is a good idea. Best of luck with your plan!