Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The What If's....

Have you ever contemplated doing something but got stuck with the 'What If's'?  Perhaps you were planning a trip but wondered about the location because 'What If' there is a hurricane at that time?  Or perhaps you were going to try something new but didn't because you thought 'What If' I make a mistake?

Well, with Whole Brain Teaching there are no 'What If's' to worry about!  If I forget to review the rules, I will remember when as a class, we remind someone of the rule.  If I forget to teach the Brain Toy I wanted to use that day, no problem!  I can teach it in the next class!  If I am too slow with Mind Soccer and my class is losing interest, oh well, I can fix that very quickly by picking up the pace and my enthusiasm and changing up who is getting points!  If my Scoreboard doesn't seem to be working, I know it is because I most likely am not using as I should - a very easy fix!    

I used to have 'What If's' but I no longer have any.  Even 'What If'  the kids won't use the gestures or teach each other?  I used to worry about that one.  Then, my 'What If' happened!  I had a class in which the kids would not use gestures nor teach each other.  No problem, no worries!  The Great Jeff Battle helped me out when he said to really explain the benefits of Whole Brain Teaching and compare it to traditional.  Traditional always requires more paperwork for kids.  Let the kids vote, and go with their decision.  My big 'What If' disappeared, and my class  eventually got into the swing of things.

So give Whole Brain Teaching a try!  There really are no 'What If's' and it is perfect with goals of Common Core!  Don't wait any longer!  Go to and read the FREE e-books, the FREE forum, watch the FREE videos, catch the FREE webinars!

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